WIITraining will enable you to train in better conditions to make you stronger.
That's why we are committed to innovation in the design and marketing of strength and fitness equipment to improve training conditions and meet the demands of performance, health and wellness.
Our brand WIIT ("Welfare Improved In Training") and its slogan convey this.


Bastien Adrillon, 30 years old and former professional rugby player, is the founder of WIITraining in 2016. 
His years of intensive physical training, his observations in gyms, his exchanges with different physical trainers, doctors and physiotherapists, led him to design a new weight bench for dumbbell exercises to meet a clearly identified market need: the elimination of the start-up phase with dumbbells on the floor. 
This bench, the Dumbbell Bench, was designed with the user in mind. 

Design and manufacture
Designed and manufactured in France

The company's design office is based in St Geours de Maremne (40 - Landes) at Atlantisud, 188 Allée de la Piste.
Production is also located at the same place as our offices.

  • Safety standards: We are very careful to respect the EN957 standards, and our equipment undergoes internal tests to guarantee its compliance with European standards.
  • Environmental standards: Our manufacturer uses a paint booth that meets the most demanding environmental standards: lead-free, chrome-free, no waste water and recycling of paint powder residues.
Perfect quality without environmental pollution, excellent resistance to impact and corrosion.

Evolutions and developments :

With the aim of offering a complete range of products, WIITraining distributes, in addition to its range of products, brands that are references in the field of bodybuilding, cardio, flooring, accessories, measuring and recovery tools.
And we are now going even further, thanks to our expertise in high-level sport and the world of fitness, by offering advice on room layout with realistic 3D renderings allowing you to arrange your room beforehand and thus optimise your space and the choice of equipment.
We also offer, thanks to our network of subcontractors, the laying of the floor, the installation of the equipment and after-sales service throughout France.

WIITraining will therefore be your sole contact for the successful completion of your room creation, renovation or fitting-out projects.